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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 7, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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x late breaking, this is doubly -- wbal. >> i am lisa robbins. >> our top stories in a moment but let's look outside with our meteorologist. >> good morning. temperatures this morning around the city dropped below the freezing point. it may have done in a few of your favorite plants. the days are getting shorter and everything else. we have to look forward to cooler weather for a while. today we will see a warming trend. we will reverse the trend we have had for the last couple of days. yesterday's high was only around 52 degrees. we will do better than that during the day today. the closest storms have been a couple of sprinkles and showers with mixed precipitation in upstate new york. the real stormy weather is
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coming off the pacific ocean in the pacific northwest where they are having rain in the lower elevations. not much going on. the warming trend will be welcome and we will talk about that and a few minutes. -- in a few minutes. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon talks exclusively to 11 years. she spoke about her commitment to the business of the city as her top priority. >> we caught up with mayor sheila dixon tonight as she left the offices of her attorneys, completing final preparations for next week's trial. she says she is ready. >> i am finishing up my day to day on many things. tomorrow, i have a full day of activities. cleaner, greener, safer, and healthier and getting myself prepared. i am moving forward. >> it has been a busy week for the mayor. wednesday night she drew
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applause at the senior center and thursday, she was at a game acting in -- interacting with the public in fort washington. >> i think they have done an extraordinary job. that is what people elected me to do, to do the business of the city. that is all i have been doing. >> her truck comes at a time when our job performance is generally fairly well-regarded. >> she has done a pretty good job. she has handled a number of issues very adeptly. these charges at this point are hurting someone who had been turning into a good mayor. >> despite positive feedback, the coming weeks will be a spectacle. scandalous charges involving her personal life and financial dealings, the mayor says she knows what is coming but she wants the public to know she is so focused on the job. >> i want people to know that things will still move forward. we have made great progress in
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trying times with the budget. my cabinet, my senior staff, everyone is focused and working. that is what i want people to know. >> stay with wbal tv and for continuing coverage of for trial. we will of the latest information for the court house. you can get updates on our website, we are falling two tragic shootings over 24 hours apart. we started off the shootings in orlando florida. one person was killed and five others were blended. the suspect is a 40-year-old and was a former worker at the engineering firm. the former supervisors say he was there one year before he was fired in 2007 because of poor job performance. police say he believed the company had blocked his efforts to get unemployment benefits. >> we received information that he was terminated two years ago
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and came back today for unknown reasons. he shot some people. >> he was arrested at his mother's home. he says the charges of murder -- he faces charges of murder and attempted murder. >> we are learning more about the suspect accused of shooting soldiers at fort hood. >> a moment of silence, just a day after the madness here. the nation's largest military post brought to its knees by one of the top. army psychologist major malik nidal hasan. in the wake of the violence, there are stories of heroism emerging. >> they used t-shirts as tourniquet. >> there are is a better picture of those who did not survive. 819-year-old, a 21-year-old, a
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51-year-old, a 29-year-old. 56-year-old, and a 21-year-old who had returned from afghanistan early because she was a month and a half pregnant. flags are at half staff across the country. it is a tribute to the fallen and a reminder that this massive army post is not fall any more. >> it is a real kick in the gut. the fort hood community and our entire army is affected. >> most will agree it will be a long time before they can catch their breath again. >> there is continuing coverage of the tragedy at 4 put on our website, you can hear a wounded soldier recount the tragedy. that is
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>> in this morning's economy report, for the first time in 26 years, the nation's unemployment rate surpassed 10%. a new report shows nearly 200,000 jobs were cut in the month of october but even in the bleak news, it appears there may be a silver lining. yesterday, president barack obama signed a bill extending unemployment benefits for 20 weeks and extends tax credits for home buyers through next april. it provides tax breaks to businesses that have losses. >> economists tell us that when these benefits are spent on food or clothing, it actually strengthens our economy and create new jobs. >> analysts say even though the recession has ended, jobs will remain scarce because employers are not willing to hire. >> the national trend is not
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playing out in our area. baltimore is one of the top 10 best places in america to land a job. >> this man has been out of a job for 16 months and describes the job search process. >> without the necessary skills at my age, it is rather difficult for someone to give me an opportunity. >> friday, that opportunity finally came as he was able to land a job helping to baltimore city plus $66 million project for public housing improvements, a major sign that mayor dixon says the job market in the greater baltimore area is improving every day. >> this effort today he will create 92 jobs, will retrain individuals and assess them in the long term in the construction field. >> it seems baltimore is gaining national spotlight when it comes to jobs.
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the unemployment rate in september was 7.2%. that is well below the national rate. baltimore he ranked three as one of the best cities in the u.s. to find a job with only a d.c. and kansas city ahead of it. state labor officials say that is on the monetary >> we have an economy that has a great deal of federal contracting with their proximity to washington. we are in better position than a lot of other states agreed >> temporary jobs were added in the month of october, indicating the worst, as far as the jobs market, may be behind us. >> went in the agency started hiring, those are fell in workers where demand is picking up. they are generally a precursor to something better coming down the road in terms of hiring. >> for more information on the national and local employment numbers, you can log on to our website,
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>> it is 9:09 minutes and 32 degrees. still ahead, we have your pet questions. we will also get crafty with pumpkins. you look pumpkins, i know. >> that is true. we have southerly winds today. temperatures will be up a little bit with lots of sunshine. bit with lots of sunshine. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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>> now your insta-weather forecast. >> it was a nice day yesterday but on the chilly side. look at the statistics from yesterday. the high was only 50 degrees at the airport. typically, this time of year, it should be 64 the hybrid that is what the averages. the average low is 37 degrees. we were colder than that yesterday for the high and colder than that for the low
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this morning. our lows this morning were in the upper 20's, in many cases. let's look at the current conditions outside. temperatures have gone up. at 8:00, it was 32 degrees and now it is 41 degrees. the humidity is 41%. 40 degrees in white marsh. 41 degrees at fort meade. randallstown is 40 degrees. readings are coming up nicely with all the sun and a few high thin clouds of to the rest for a -- off to the west. high pressure is what is giving us good conditions right now. the next weather disturbance is
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way to the north. that front will move into the great lakes, sink to the south, and bounce back north with sudden breeze is starting to establish themselves. the air is too dry right now and let cool front will not be able to get into the area. down to the south, a very i tropical averyda is a tropical -- ida is a tropical storm that is in the caribbean and is expected to be a tropical storm status as it moves into the gulf of mexico and should stall out. that will happen over the next five days but it will be a big squall. it is not tropical here but warmer. 62 will be the high today. south wins are at 5-10 miles per hour. the breezes will pick up i a bid on the bed. a small craft advisory is out.
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we will be high and dry through the weekend. once we get into monday, we begin to pick up a few more clouds and a relatively warm southerly breezes. no storm, just warmer air. 70 degrees on monday and tuesday through friday we may see some showers but not too bad. >> thank you. coming up next, lisa is getting crafted. she will show you how to make good use of your holiday pumpkins. is this a film ready to get to into the holiday spirit? ? kim will answer -- dr. kim will answer your pet questions.
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>> i am here with the two careys. this is what you guys to which your pumpkins? >> we grow them and tell you how to grow them and we have some fun. we paint them and cart them and carey dresses them up for halloween. >> don't go away. what will you make for us? >> we will demonstrate quickly the turkey pumped in coming here. you need some basic supplies from your craft store. you can buy fabric edge or fabric store. you can hop blew it all together
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and attach it. -- hot glue it. you can use pain from the local crafts store or hobby shop. spray the pumpkin and let it dry and you can use a little nails and patch it on there, like this, like so. >> so we are going to mail the turkey? >> milla on to the pumpkin. -- mail it on to the pumpkin. >> i have to make this first? >> of course. >> i make a little template for the tail like the nbc peacock? >> here is one that is already done very you conclude on to this so it will be stiff enough. you would take it and nail it on.
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let me get my hammer. i'm very nervous. >> we get the idea. you will nail that and and then what? >> the great thing about craps and creativity, you can do whatever you want. this is just to cover up. you can get a bunch of leaves. you conclude a month to tagboard. >> that is really cute. let's take a look at the others. this is another turkey you did? >> i made that more than one month ago. they last a long time. that was painted brown. there is a little squirrel. this one which was made last night from a winter squash, which you can still get rid >> what is that?
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i can cook with that? >> you can make pump in pie out of it. you can slice this up and take the whole thing and it is a great source of beta carotene. it is good and good for you. >> instead of smashing pumpkins, this penguin is queued. -- cute. >> you can put googly eyes on it. >> tell me about metasselmyer. -- tommy about tom tasslemyer, and he will help cut up a large pumpkin. >> that is a good deal. that is a lot of work and dedication.
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thank you for coming out. we'll be back in a bit.
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>> live, from television hill in baltimore, but wbal 11 news continues. >> welcome back. from pigs and birds to humans and katz, a feeling in i what is the first in the country to have come down with the h1n1 flu virus. apparently, the cat sentence or fatigue, sneezing, and coughing and has been given antibiotics and treated for dehydration and is expected to recover. this is the first known transmission of swine flu human
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to a cat. >> we are just about ready to lose the guy here. >> the sky is beautiful. >> youthful exuberance. >> that story about the swine flu in cats is interesting. it is related to rabies in that in baltimore cities. there are viruses that are spread through various ways. there is a rabies problem in baltimore. there has been reports this summer and you can protect your dogs and cats. get a rabies shot and they will be fun. >> it keeps coming up all the time. immunization. >> it does. >> my purebred pelican with a bad case of star coptic mange.
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had her depth in line debt and it took all summer to get over it. it is now back. >> that is the wrong treatment. the short answer is, there is an injection you can give your dog that will cure it 100%. go to another veterinarian, and of story. >> rather than a lime dip, >> rather than do that, get an injection. the lawn can help the skin get better but the treatment of sarcoptic mange is treated simply by an injection. >> that helps. second question -- i have a one-year-old tabby cat that gets fed up wet and dry food. how much should i feed him and
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which is better? >> neither is better. the about your diet. you need a different thing probably every night. the idea is to find a nutritionally complete and balanced food that your cat or dog likes. it is a lot to say complete and valid for it if they said that on illegal, that is a good cat or dog food. if they don't like it, they will not eat it. the answer to how much is based on the calories of the food and the protein of the food. i generally tell people, it is the high rate of the weight range below your animal. >> that makes sense. >> they will tell you three or 4 cups for a weight range and i
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say go to the weight range below. >> thank you for joining us.
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lax live, local, late breaking. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us.
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let's look outside. cold, crisp? >> a benchmark day today. for the first time since january 6, the son set before 5:00. >> it is depressing. >> shorter days. >> we know. look at what it is doing to us physically. >> you don't like winter? >> igloos. >> it could be worse. we will warm up today. we had a chilly morning. i could not find the scraper in the car. we had temperatures down in the upper 20's overnight. we have rebounded quickly. it was in the 20's at 7:00, it got up to freezing at 8:00, and now temperatures are in the 40's. if we look at the national radar, the only stuff we fared
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in the united states is a couple of sprinkles in upstate new york and out in the pacific northwest. that is producing some rain in those two areas in the lower elevations. some quiet whether in the morning trend. we will talk about that coming up. >> convicted sniper john allen, is scheduled to die next week. the people went through the terror brings things full circle. from the prosecution side, no one knows that more than the montgomery county prosecutor who helped get him convicted of six murders. >> people remember this vividly in montgomery county and around the area as a time that they never want to relive but a time that stands out in their minds. >> the former montgomery county prosecutor remembers back to october of 2002 when all hell broke loose in maryland,
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virginia, and d.c., starting when someone fired a shot through this michael's store in aspen hill, hitting no one but an hour later, james martin was shot and killed at a shopper's food warehouse parking lot in glenmont. >> the next morning was when the shootings happened. >> as the case picked up steam, he was in charge of the legal team for the 1400-member task force. he recalled the first meeting and intense conversations. >> we talked about who might be able to do this. we thought was a nasty domestic case or something went crazy that was job-related court 22 days of an agonizing manhunt for john allen muhammad ended with him and his accomplice being arrested at a rest area.
9:33 am
they originally thought to have the cases tried in maryland but gave in to virginia, feeling they would have a better chance for getting the death penalty for both suspects. >> the virginia families got their day in court. mohammad would be executed. that would not have happened in maryland. you probably -- he probably not would not have been executed because of our laws. >> john allen muhammad would be sentenced to death in virginia. he would then be tried in maryland after malvo testified against him. this led to six life sentences for john allen, in maryland. >> these people said goodbye. the winner to get gas or cup of coffee and they were shot for no reason by someone they don't know. >> he has no regrets about the death penalty which he was adamantly for from the beginning to the end.
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>> i believe there are certain people who commit certain crimes wherein they forfeit their right to live on our planet. john allen muhammad is one of those people. >> our live coverage of the execution begins monday. we will have interviews with all the key players in the case. you can also check out our website, we have listed the names of the victims killed. >> and anne arundel county high school football coach says a senseless act by students cost him his car. he left work and his windshield was shattered. surveillance video, five students damaging the car. he does not who they are or why they would target his vehicle. >> it is doubly disappointing. when students make bad
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decisions, it is disappointing, especially something so random and in broad daylight. >> school officials say the students will face disciplinary action. >> the new movies this weekend may be worth the price of admission. that is still ahead. >> obesity, cancer in younger women, next. >> sunshine this morning, disturbances and storm's coming our way but not for a while.
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>> now, your insta-weather + forecast. >> i have the radar behind me. we will see high clouds today. the sun is filtering through their beautifully.
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upstate new york has some sprinkles. temperatures are a bit colder there. this is a fair weather pattern. this weather disturbance through the great lakes is having no luck of producing anything but in clouds. let's look outside. we are overlooking the city. 41 degrees at the airport. temperatures jumped about 10 degrees in one hour this morning. it will do more jumping as we get through the mid and late morning hours. 73% is the humidity. the britons are calm. -- the winds are calm. these are the temperatures around the area. the temperature forecasts today and readings will rise. everything will switch to green. the warmest greetings will be
9:39 am
out in west virginia. we expect to get up into the mid 50's and by the evening, temperatures start to back off and fall for the 50's. we should peak at 64 the flames. -- at 60 for the pie. -- high. we get into a more southerly breeze in the east and that will lead to warmer conditions. this cold front out to the northwest will sweep across the great lakes to night. it will drop a cold front in here tomorrow and it will bounce back tomorrow, same day, as a warm front for the warm air is establish itself but it is not tropical air. there is a tropical storm this late in the hurricane season down in the caribbean. it will move into the gulf of mexico but it is not very strong.
9:40 am
the storm will progress up into the eastern portion of the gulf of mexico, it may do a loop. it does not look it will be a huge threat as far as winds approaching hurricane force. that is the forecast now. for us, not tropical but warmer. mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 60's. dry weather, no rain in the forecast for sunday but monday we start to pick up a few clouds but it will not be ready. there is a small chance of rain on tuesday as well as fraud. the temperatures tomorrow will be 68 for the high. >> endometrial cancer is cancer of the lighting of the uterus. it is especially common among -- among younger women here is
9:41 am
donna hamilton. >> obesity has been linked to a number of cancers, breast cancer, colon cancer, and doctors have known that obesity is related to endometrial cancer. mercy medical center doctors as the connection is estrogens. >> it is made by the fat cells. the more fat cells you have, the lining of the uterus gets affected. >> a new study sheds more light on how serious the connection is, especially for younger women between the ages of 20 and 45. >> endometrial cancer was a cancer in older women. as the population gets more obese, we are finding more younger women coming down with endometrial cancer. >> it is estrogen-related. there are symptoms women should never overlook or think our normal.
9:42 am
for post menopausal women who have not have a. in 12 consecutive month, any amount of bleeding is abnormal. for younger women, if they skip a few periods and have a heavy period, that requires further investigation. what should a woman do if she has abnormal bleeding under doctors as not to worry about it? >> they should get a second opinion. >> the doctor joins us now with more information. how many of these cancers are at christian -- or estrogen- related. >> about 80%. >> is surgery needed? >> almost all women. we can see the uterus with the diagnosis. >> we talked about how weight is related to this. is it hereditary? are there things you can do to change what may have happened? >> there is a small percentage of women who are more
9:43 am
susceptible. if you get the diagnosis of cancer before the age of 50, you should consider being tested for genetic testing. >> if you get this character, does that mean you are susceptible to others? >> usually not but yes, you candy, it depends on your family history. >> weight is a huge part of it? >> it is, it is a case of having too much of a good thing turning into a bad thing. estrogen is good for you. if you have too much of it, it can affect the lining of the uterus and turn into cancer. >> what medicines are available? >> there are hormonal agents that can extend the lining of the uterus so you can avoid this. >> is there anything else that can be done? >> a sonogram is a good test.
9:44 am
you should see your doctor about that. >> the warning signs are abnormal bleeding? >> that is the case. if you are pre menopausal, a drop of blood can be a sign of during cancer. >> thank you so much. if you have other questions, call mercy hospital. if you're going to the movies this weekend, we have reviews when we come back. here is a look at the lottery numbers from last night. for delicious fall flavors. for a short time, we have all your seasonal favorites.
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>> time to take a look at what is new in our theaters. our movie critic is here. >> how are you doing? >> what do you have? >> let's start with "disney's a christmas carol." i thought it was dickens. this is animated 3d, motion- capture animation. it is like "polar express." you can see that they perfected that particular animation. they have glassy eyes in "polar express, coke and jim carrey plays scrooge. i love his voice as scrooge. it is too much of jim carrey. my feeling about this movie is why make it?
9:48 am
we have had many christmas carol movies. the animation is interesting but this may actually begin to feel obsolete, eventually. >> it will not be timeless? >> right. it is scary for little kids. older kids might be bored. most of the parents have seen this already. it is good but it is not great. it is 2.5 stars for "disney's, a christmas carol." >> what is coming up? the box? >> "the box, " i actually liked the concept. it is based on a twilight zone episode. it should have stayed that way.
9:49 am
the premise is that they get this box and if you push a button, you get $1 million and somebody will die. if you don't push the button, you don't get the money. it is a moral dilemma. frank lancelot plays a creepy man. the problem is, it should have stayed is a tantalizing mystery. the director took that twilight zone episodes and expanded it. it is all sort of super natural. after a while, they should have kept it in that short form. it lost me in the middle, two stars. >> what is the story with "the man who stare at coats?" >> it stars george clooney and is based on a sort of true story
9:50 am
about a military branch that was creating these supranatural psychic soldiers. george clooney is the best of them. they can stare at a goat and make it fall over. you have jeff bridges as the guru figure. it is a great cast and great promise. it feels like a notebook story. it never congeals. unfortunately, two stars. that is the pick of the week is "disney's, a christmas carol." >> thank you and you can read all the reviews. stay with us and we will have moment's notice, so make sure your family is prepared. toys are important comfort items for children, but make sure your
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family has a battery-powered radio, a three day supply of food and water and an emergency plan in place. hi, i'm senator ben cardin. i want you and your family to be prepared for any emergency. get a kit, make a plan and be informed. this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station.
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>> there was 120 yards and a touchdown. the reagans have gotten better on defense. -- the ravens have gotten better on defense. on the offensive side, they look fantastic. they're left tackle will return. predicting success and what happened the week before, that
9:54 am
is not complete. >> that was yesterday. you are one week away from not being very good at anything in this league. last week was last week. we were glad it happened. in no way, if we don't carry the techniques and the effort in this game, there is no guarantee it will show again. >> the wizards and indianapolis fe stock. -- faced off. the rest of the teammates are not doing well. the rookie out of north carolina had a professional debut. indiana was the winner. see you back here tonight after notre dame in football.
9:55 am
>> what do you have? >> it was chilly this morning and we started out 28 at the airport. the low hear on tv hill was 29. it will warm up during the day. we are already moving for the 40's. we jumped 10 degrees in one hour just a short time ago. we expect to be near 60 today. a few thin clouds here and there but tomorrow morning's low, 38 and tomorrow's high, close to 70, around 70 on monday as well and both days have plenty of sunshine. and weather systems coming into the area, we expect a front in here tomorrow and the air will be too dry for it to do anything. tuesday and friday, there will be some week whether assistance floating across the great lakes. the bulk of the week is partly cloudy and once we get past monday, highs will be in the mid
9:56 am
to upper 60's and loews will be in the 40's which is fairly typical for where we should be this time of year. nothing very extreme. no 70's except for monday the rest of the week looks really good. >> you said the long-range forecast for the winter looks cold. >> some folks are calling for that. this weather pattern does not call for anything unusual. there are no extremes but if we get -- that does not mean it cannot be stormy. >> i know this is hard to talk about. we like to plan ahead. >> it will be stormy weather to the south. i think it increases our chance for a nor'easter to come our way. >> we had nothing for snow last winter. >> i saw a caterpillar with a
9:57 am
big red or orange band on it. >> i'm just thinking about the man and a goatee were talking about. -- and the
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